What is clinical research?


What is clinical research?

The goal of clinical research is to enhance scientific knowledge for the purpose of improving disease diagnosis and patient treatment options. There are two main types of research, clinical drug trials and observational studies.

What is a clinical drug trial? Clinical trials compare the safety and effectiveness of new therapies in comparison to standard treatments. Not all trials involve new investigational medicines. Some trials compare already FDA-approved medicines at different dosages or test their effectiveness in other related conditions.

What is an observational study? Observational studies do not involve changes to an individual’s treatment plan. Observational studies are used to better understand a disease or response to a particular treatment given as standard of care.

Is it safe?

The health of our patients is the number one priority for the physicians, research staff, and sponsoring organization. As a result, office visits may occur more frequently to monitor your health as well as to measure the effect of the medicine with your disease.

Before you enroll in a study, our research team will share all of the important details and information, including all potential benefits and risks, so that you can make the decision that feels right to you.